Café  Spice

Indie-folk trio that create heavenly and autumnal harmonies reminiscent of the Mamas & Papas whilst also sitting with the effortlessly sublime indie-folk of contemporaries such as The Staves or HAIM. Their repertoire features a mix of original music and pop covers.

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Song list 

Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

If this song was a food it would be silky, viscous and rich golden honey poured over melted butter, probably from Waitrose. 

  • Pre-ceremony

  • Bride/Groom's walk down the aisle

  • Signing of the register

  • Couple's walk up the aisle

  • As guests leave venue

  • Typically 2 x 45 min sets

  • Can include a DJ service for inbetween sets

  • Can include First Dance accompaniment 

  • Typically 2 x 45 min sets

No fixed rates have been provided as requirements for wedding music vary greatly.

Instead, we will discuss the details of your wedding and offer a quote based off them. 



Do you take song requests? 

How long do you normally play for?

Can you supply a DJ service for inbetween sets?

Can I customise the DJ set?

Can you accompany our First Dance?

How are you different to other vocal groups?

Can we see you perform at a public gig?


Do you provide your own equipment?

What is the power requirement?

How long does it take for you to set up?

Can you perform outdoors?

Do you need amplification even if it's a small wedding?

Can you move from one room to another?

Can we use your microphone for speeches?

My venue has a sound limiter, is this a problem?

Do we need to provide food and drink for you?


Where in the UK do you perform?

What is the process for booking you?

Are travels costs included in the quote?

How do I pay?

Why don't you state on your rates on this website?

We do! If it's a song that we don't already know, we charge £30 per song in order to account for the extra arrangement and rehearsal time.

We usually perform for 45 mins at a time. For example, a drinks reception will be 2 x 45 mins sets with a 15 min break in between. If you would like a different format, however, then we would be happy to oblige. 

Yes. We can play music from the PA before, inbetween and after our own live set, while we pack down our equipment.

You are welcome to request a certain style or any specific songs for the DJ set.

We are more than happy to accompany your First Dance! This is something we'll discuss before we offer a quote.

It is very important to us to get to know the couples that we work with so that we can offer a bespoke and curated setlist which complements the ambience of their wedding. If the couple live nearby, we like to meet up with them but if not, then FaceTime or Skype works fine.

Of course! You can either visit our social media links (see top of page) or contact us for information about upcoming gigs.

Yes. We bring a high quality PA system, amps,

microphones, and mic stands with us. All you need to provide is access to a power source.

We will need two 13 AMP sockets.

It takes roughly 45 mins for us to set up.

We are happy to perform outdoors, however it is preferable to not expose guitars to direct sunlight for a long period of time. If you are unable to provide a shaded area, then we can discuss alternatives.

Even in small, intimate venues, we have found that gentle amplification is always preferable as sound can get lost as soon as the room is filled with people. The same goes for performing outside, as wind can carry the sound away.

Yes, we are able to move rooms or venues.

We are generally happy to have our mics used for speeches if we will be around to perform.

It is highly unlikely that our music would set off a sound limiter (it's usually there to prevent loud bands from causing noise complaints), but if your venue can let you know what it is set to, then we can be sure to stay under the limit! For more information on sound limiters:

Food and drink is always appreciated by musicians as it can be a long day otherwise. A meal is required if the booking is for more than 2 hours.

We are based in Manchester, but happy to travel anywhere in the UK and even abroad if required.

Once a quote has been agreed, we will send over a contract which will need a signature and a deposit payment of 25% of the full fee. The remaining amount will need to be paid on the day of the wedding.

Yes, travel costs will be included in the quote.

Payments can be made either as a bank transfer or paid in cash on the day.

It is in both parties' interests to discuss the format of the wedding, the location and transport, and any other requirements in order to agree on a quote. Each wedding is unique, so packages with fixed prices prohibit the flexibility needed to fit the live music into the running order of your special day.

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